12 Amazing Gadgets For Your Room


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There are SO MANY different ways you can change your room up and bring it to the 21st century with some incredible gadgets. We spend more of our lives within our bedrooms than in any other place, and it’s only natural to make sure your bedroom is pimped out with some of the most amazing gadgets you can buy online! In this video, we’ll be going through some incredible bedroom gadgets such as these amazing futuristic lights, the world’s most futuristic air purifier, and a smart mattress? You do not want to miss a second of this, so let’s get started!

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12. The Tranquility Pod-
11. Helios Touch Evolution Wall Lights-
10. Dodow-
9. Ruggie Alarm Clock-
8. Kushion Bluetooth Speaker Pillow-
7. Luna Floating Moon Lamp-
6. Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link-
5. BedJet-
4. Philips Hue Smart Lamp-
3. IKEA FYRTUR Smart Window Blinds-
2. Richards Homewares Bedside Caddie-
1. The Pod Mattress-

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