12 Coolest Gadget For Guys


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Some gadgets are simply made for guys, and whether you’re a guy yourself or you’re looking to buy these products for your partner or a loved one, you should definitely check some of these out! From essential products done right to brand new pieces of technology that’ll blow your minds, this video will have it all. Some of the products you’ll see in this video include stuff like smart key holders, a laser that lets you engrave products at home, and even a smart helmet that’ll make you feel like you’re in a video game! You do not want to miss a second of this, so let’s begin!

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12. Hydrow Rower-
11. Ember Wave –
10. LIFESAVER Power Supply –
9. 3Dsimo Multipro –
8. Cubbit – The Private Cloud –
7. KeySmart Key Holder-
6. Portal Gauntlet –
5. Mate – The Versatile Finder-
4. LaserPecker-
3. SHEILD Tailight –
2. ZOLEO Satellite Communicator –
1. Argon Helmet-

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