12 Coolest Tents You Can Buy


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Camping holidays with family and friends have to be some of the best and most cherished memories we have as a child! The beautiful, serene starry nights, warm and cozy campfires, and refreshingly cool air — summer doesn’t get better than that. If you’re looking to relive those moments, here are some of the coolest tents to make your trip a whole lot more fun! From super luxurious ones to those that can accommodate up to twenty people, these tents are definitely worth checking out. Let’s have a look.

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12. The Cocoon Tree Tent
11. POD Tent Maxi Elite
10. VW Campervan Tent
9. Lotus Belle Tent
8. The Opera Trailer Tent
7. REI Co-op Base Camp Tent
6. Nemo Wagontop
5. Mountain Hardware Stronghold
4. Stingray Tree Tent
3. Goose Motorbike Tent
2. Coleman WeatherMaster Tent
1. Ozark Trail Cabin Tent

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