12 Coolest Toy Vehicles For Kids!


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Ah, childhood! The perfect time to truly enjoy life before all the craziness takes over. But kids usually love getting to do grown-up things, with many wanting to drive cars around the streets which can obviously not be made possible at their age. Although, a solution to this kiddie conundrum is the evergreen toy cars! From a Bugatti that won’t necessarily break the bank to a 1966 Mustang that is inspired by its older brother to a motorcycle that will make you Captain America minus the abs, today, we’re counting down 12 Coolest Toys Vehicles For Kids! Let’s get started with the video!

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12. PowerWheels F150-
11. Toyota Camatte-Not for sale
10. Mini Volkswagen Beetle Herbie-
9. Bugatti Veyron-
8. Sphero RVR-
7. Arrow Smart Kart-
6. Power Wheels Boomerang-
5. 1966 Mustang Junior-Not for sale
4. Auto Fabrica Type 0.1-
3. Truck Explorer 12V-
2. Captain America Motorcycle Ride-On –
1. CAT Mining Dump Truck –

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