12 Coolest Transportation Vehicles Ever


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Who doesn’t love unique and exciting new modes of transportation? With the kind of incredible stuff automotive companies come up with daily, there’s no denying that the means of commuting have significantly transformed over the years. Even though the concept of flying cars is all the hype right now, there is other stuff out there that you don’t want to miss out on! From motorbikes that can fly to cars that fit inside your backpack, here are the coolest transportation vehicles ever! Let’s have a look.

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12. Renegade Hovercraft
11. ICON A5 Sports Aircraft
10. U-Boat Worx
9. Aero-X Hoverbike
8. Outrider Horizon
7. EN-V
6. Walk car
5. Audi AI: TRAIL quattro
4. Norman Timbs Special
3. GMD T.50
2. General Motors Firebird
1. Citroen DS Divine Concept

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