12 Swimming Pools That Are On Another Level!


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When we’re planning a vacation, booking a hotel that’s going to really make the stay worth it, is usually what we look for… and one of the ways hotels do that… is by having a totally unique pool. Now, we don’t just mean regular pools with nice lighting, we mean pools that you’re going to want to stay all day in! From pools with shark tanks to swimming with crocodiles to one literally overlooking a safari, here are 12 swimming pools, that are on another level…

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12. Sky Park Infinity Pool
11. The Tank
10. Ubud hanging gardens
9. Icon Brickell viceroy
8. Crocosaurus Cove
7. Homestead crater
6. Beer pool
5. Embassy gardens
4. Sal Alfonso Del Mar
3. Nemo 33
2. Havasu Falls
1. 4 Seasons Safari Lodge

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