14 Coolest PC Accessories That Are Worth Buying


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You’ve asked for that, we heard you! Here’s the set of gadgets and accessories for your PC! Get ready to see the cases from the Underworld and check out some things that’ll brighten up your computer. A lot of lights, a lot of fun, as usual.

0:00 Introduction
0:18 Toughram RGB Memory:
1:13 Neon RGB Strip:
1:48 IRON MAN Gaming Headset:
2:43 Moloch Casemod:
3:10 Inferno Casemod:
3:26 MasterAir MA620M Dual Tower ARGB:
4:08 Tristellar Casemod – Iris:
4:31 RGB GPU Side Panel: // //
5:09 Wireless Gaming Mouse:
5:34 Hypersport PC case:
6:12 Mjolnir PC – JMDF PC case: //
6:48 Alienware R11 Gaming Desktop:
7:37 iStorage Hard Drive:
8:14 Keyboard keycaps: (paws) // (other) //

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On the #YouFact #Tech channel, we speak about cool #gadgets for your room, home, #pc and car that you can buy on #Amazon. We find the most interesting #accessories and #coolthings for you and show them three times a week on our channel.

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