5 Winter Sports People Will Love


Winter is the perfect time to enjoy and not to hiding under your blankets. The winter season has too much to offer for those who want to have a great time. Everybody does right? So, whether you are staying in your home country or you are taking a holiday vacation break, trying out some great adventure in the snow through winter sports can be a wonderful idea.

So, here are the top 5 winter sports that you will sure love:

1. Skiing
Skiing is surely on top of the list of the best winter sports of all time. It can be cross country or the downhill type. The first one is best for those with high endurance or those who wish to achieve it. It can burn as much as 600 calories each hour and can strengthen the calves, gluteus, thighs and triceps as well as the biceps. If you wish to experience short energy bursts, downhill skiing is perfect for you as you will only have to go intense skiing for a maximum period of 5 minutes or so. This can also strengthen various muscles, but requires more flexibility and core strength.

2. Ice Skating
You may think of charming choreograph moves and sequined costumes when you hear about ice skating. But this perception can be changed when you hear about hockey and ice skates, right? Although many thinks of it as a winter treat more than a sport, it is actually both. Ice skating can be an effective cardiovascular workout especially if you are into speed skating and coasting. It can also do much in building the muscles on your lower back, legs and abdomen. If you do it regularly, you will have an improved endurance, agility, balance and flexibility.

3. Snowboarding
Those who wish to experience extreme adrenaline rush and speed, snowboarding is the best winter sport that you should try. There can be nothing more exhilarating than stepping on the board and glide down to the mountain. This sport necessitates the action of your core and leg muscles, so make sure you are fit to do this one. Frequent snowboarding can improve your agility and flexibility.

4. Ice Hockey
If you enjoy being with a group, ice hockey is right for you. It offers a lot of benefits just like in ice skating, but this sport requires more upper body strength to navigate the stick. In case you do not own hockey equipment, you can rent it out easily. Regular ice hockey sessions can improve your speed, strength and endurance.

5. Curling
It is now becoming one of the favorites among winter sports enthusiasts though it has been an old game. In this sport, players need to slice stones into the target across the ice. The target is segmented in four rings. This may sound easy, but in reality it can be very difficult since you need to push the rocks near the center part of the target.

These winter sports are really worth trying. Just be extra careful as these can be too extreme which may make you prone to physical injuries.

Source by Carlene Lowe

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