DOLORES CORTES Highlights Spring 2022 Madrid – Fashion Channel


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DOLORES CORTES Highlights Spring 2022 Madrid – Fashion Channel

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The Collectión takes as a reference the Paris decorative arts exhibition of 1925, which became the starting point of Art Decó and later on a mass phenomenon.

This trend, difficult to define, has been referred as “the last overall style” in history, since it influenced all fields: Fashion, Art, Cinema, Decoration, Architecture…; even Dance, being the reflection of a new way of life.

The taste for this independent lifestyle and functionality defined its most distinctive elements.

Art Decó Fashion marked a before and after in the way of dressing, especially noticeable in women’s clothing, which was democratized and provided more freedom of movement.

In terms of color, the Collection evolves from terracotta and pinkish colors to a palette of saffron tones, oranges and strong blues to evoke images of the sunset.

All this with organic prints and graphics that are combined with primitive geometric structures simulating manual techniques, such as xylography.

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