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“I know what I am capable of achieving, and as long as I know that that was the best that I could do in that very moment, then I won’t have any regrets walking away from it,” Francesca Hayward tells us in the latest instalment of our Master the Art franchise.

As a principal dancer at the Royal Ballet, the 28-year-old knows a thing or two about the self-discipline and laser focus required to be successful in such a role. Performing at such a high standard naturally means that expectations are equally high, but Hayward – known as Frankie to her friends – insists that you can only ever do your best.

“Perfectionism is concentrating on an ideal that doesn’t exist,” she explains. “I will never have a perfect show. It’s more the feeling that I get from it – that I can walk away from the stage and know that I handled the situation really well. That I let the best of me come out.”

Watch the full video of the latest in our Master the Art series above.

Video interview filmed at the Home Grown Club in London.


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