“Gay conversion therapy” BANNED in Australia (Victoria)


Dear listeners…. the Victorian government in Australia, the most left wing government in the history of Australian politics once again drives a nail into Christianity, essentially criminalising those who help people voluntarily asking for help in turning from a gay lifestyle which is statistically associated with higher levels of self harm, drug dependance and mental health disorders.

While Christians would deplore and condemn enforced conversion therapy paraded around by the politicians as what this bill ostensibly is against… the wording of the bill is broad and wide ranging. If anybody is proven to be found helping change or supress someone’s sexuality or gender identity they face up to 10 years in jail or can be fined up to $10,000. This bill criminalises conversations that are voluntary…. ie: if someone asks for help to change their sexuality and you help them…. then they change their mind and report you then you can go to prison for 10 years. The Victorian government have done something that is unconscionable…they have criminalised free speech, they have thrown their fist at God… and have made Christians who openly care and help their neighbour to criminals. Free speech is now dead.

There is no denying it…. listen to this wolf in snakes clothing.

Anna Faithfull, from the so called justice department said the bill was aimed at criminalising conversations only where a person “[intended] to change or induce that person to change or suppress their sexual orientation or gender identity”.

“Conversations between children and their parents or other family caregivers about sexual orientation or gender identity matters would only be captured if the conversation satisfies the above three elements and does not fall within an exception.”

This kind of thought control and social engineering is without parallel in Australia. It is beyond egregious and highlights the depths of depravity left wing governments will go to enforce their beliefs upon those whom they believe are morally inferior.

Let me repeat. No bible believing Christian would ever force someone to change their sexual preference or gender identity against their will. This is barbaric and to be condemned. But all bible believing Christians are aware that sexual sin and mental health problems such as gender identity confusion are harmful not only in this life but also in eternity. We are morally obliged to warn people of these dangers… and to not do so would be to disown Christ our saviour and the Creator God.

Of course such Christian persecution will only drive the practice underground… it will be so much harder for those who genuinely want help in escaping the gay lifestyle ,which is not only an abomination in the eyes of the creator God …. but is associated with significant harmful behaviours, to find the help they desperately crave. Those people will have to drive out of the state of Victoria to look for spiritual help in one of the ‘freer’ states.

Of course if the argument was flipped it would be condemned by all members of the establishment and its media allies instantaneously. Imagine criminalising someone who was trying to convince somebody who is straight that they should be gay, even if that person wants to be gay. That would immediately criminalise the majority of victorian schools who are trumpeting the virtues of a gay lifestyle to their mostly straight students.

As VIctoria plunges into a moral abyss and becomes a depraved anti-Christian cesspool, it does so by criminalising the very people who can help lift it out of the murky mire. It has cut off the hand that can help it and by doing so sealed its fate in the annals of history. May God have mercy on the rotting social carcass that is the Victorian government. Take note that the majority of the ‘right wing’ in quotation marks liberal government also supported this travesty which will lead to sting operations performed by the LGBT community in order to take down their opposition. Welcome to dystopia Victoria… it you don’t think it will get worse you are blind.

“Gay conversion therapy” BANNED in Australia (Victoria)

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