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It’s hard to believe that Harris Reed only graduated from Central Saint Martins this summer. With Miley Cyrus, Florence Welch and, of course, Harry Styles on their client list, Reed appears established far beyond their 25 years.

Reed’s industry-shaking brand of glamour doesn’t quite fit into the often-flawed ‘gender-neutral’ box: in fact, there’s absolutely nothing neutral about their sheer 1970s blouses and glam-rock platforms. The idea of gender being restrictive is slowly permeating the mainstream, but Reed still feels miles ahead of the pack in their ethos that unisex shouldn’t translate to unsexy – there are no long-line tees or sweatpants to be found here.

Reed’s views on beauty follow the maximalist blueprint of their personal style. “Beauty is a tool that helps you realise the best version of yourself,” they told me. “You’re building up your identity and you’re building up your look. I think the playfulness and the open-mindedness that has happened over the years has completely altered the way I look at beauty.”

Reed’s aesthetic might be commanding, but the designer wasn’t born with the confidence they have today – nor are they blind to the privilege they enjoy by living in a city as (comparatively) progressive as London. “If I want to rock a bright red glittery eye one day, I can do that – some people don’t have that safety.”

In our exclusive video above, Reed opens up their beauty bag to share the products they call on for the everyday – as well as for the extraordinary.

Video shot on location at Home House.

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