How to Evaluate Reading Programs for Kids With Learning Disabilities


Identifying the best program for kids with learning disabilities has been one of the major challenges for parents. After all, it’s the responsibility of parents to help their children face the practical challenges of life and find their own space in the society. Experts have identified and invented specific methods of teaching these kids with software tools, one-on-one reading and customized teaching programs, all of which are known to help such kids deal with their comprehension and word identification problems effectively.

Individual-Specific Reading Programs

A wide range of programs have been designed and developed to help kids who struggle with writing and reading due to dyslexia and related issues. There are different specialized programs that focus on different skills, such as reading, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, comprehension, writing and spelling. Based on your child’s requirement and with professional assistance, you would be able to execute the best choice for your kid.

Development of Word Recognition Skills

Several programs of word recognition and phonics with specific instructions have been developed and integrated by experts to help kids with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. Specific focus on vocabulary, phonics and work recognition aids in building a base knowledge and activating it to comprehend contents of text while reading improves the child’s fluency. Other aspects like history, math, music, science etc, which require words that are content-specific, should also be taken care of.

In order to assist you to evaluate the best reading programs and alleviate your confusion, Dr. Swanson, Ph.D. – leading psychology professor from University of California, has analyzed and identified the most effective approach to enhance the recognition skills of kids with LD, through segmentation, sequencing, and advanced organizers.

Some of the most effective technologies teachers adapt to help the kids in recognizing words include:

  • Phonics
  • Decoding
  • Word attack skills
  • Phonemic awareness

Evaluating the Reading Program for your Kid

With the right knowledge of the best teaching techniques, you may go through the following guidelines to evaluate the reading program of your kid:

  • Professional classes or institutions provide a detailed schedule and list of programs that are customized to develop the specific skills of your child. If they do not provide it, you will have to request for the same. Clarify all your doubts about every program on offer (especially the ones suitable for your kid) and ask how it would benefit your child.
  • Be aware of the complete instruction model and strategies that are designed for your child, as there are certain literature programs that specify the teacher’s approach.
  • Have periodic meetings with your child’s teacher to see if everything is going according to the schedule and how your child is doing or responding.

While all these are to be done with care, it is equally important for you to do your part and offer your kid complete support at home. Remember- it is the understanding and motivation that would help the child face life with confidence.

Source by Michelle Crossley

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