How To Script: Scripting Law of Attraction to Increase Manifesting Power (4 Step Scripting Tutorial)

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How To Script: Scripting Law of Attraction to Increase Manifestation Power (4 Step Scripting Tutorial)

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In this video I share with you the scripting structure I use EVERY SINGLE day in my scripting exercise!!!

This is my 4 STEP scripting structure that will show you how to start scripting yourself.

FINALLY I recorded this video for you guys! I have gotten SO many questions when it comes to how to to use scripting to increase the Law of Attraction.

I wanted to record this video to answer any questions you may have in regards to how to structure your daily scripting journal.

A lot of people get stuck in the first sentence… paragraph… page… etc. I recorded this video for you.

This is my 4 STEP scripting structure to lay the foundation in your journal.

These 4 steps are what my scripting entries look like every single day.

This video was meant to show you how it is done and give you a tutorial to work with some guidelines to get started yourself.

I hope this video helps and encourages you to stick with one of the MOST POWERFUL manifesting tools there is SCRIPTING!!

Any further questions comment below or maybe some results you have received from scripting comment below!

Happy Scripting Everyone!!

Love you so much!

I hope you enjoy this video !! And DON’T FORGET to **COMMENT BELOW** your favorite part of this video!!!


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