HSN Home Shopping Network and Ebay Make Great Team!


The holidays are quickly approaching, and if you are like me, you have many different gifts to buy for many different people. You will also without a doubt receive many gifts from many different people, some great some not so great. One of the best places to get great gift ideas Is the Home Shopping Network, (HSN). On the other hand, one of the best places to get rid of unwanted gifts is Ebay.com.

Both HSN and eBay are industry leaders in their own areas, but you must use both of these sites to get the most out of the holiday season. I have had great success selling things on eBay that I no longer needed. I love watching HSN and if I see something that really interests me, I am likely to buy it on the spot. This is a problem because anytime I get a gift from HSN I either already have it, or didn’t really want it in the first place.

One good tip is to take your extra items that you have no use for and post them on Ebay. Just remember to write plenty of information about the item and post a lot of pictures. An action border would also help. You can get these for free at http://www.foamtemplates.com . It also helps if you make sure your auction ends on a Saturday or Sunday as those are the most busy times.

If you have a lot of small things, it always works to your advantage to combine shipping. This means if the same buyer buys two of your items, they only have to pay shipping once. It also helps if you put a lot of related items into one auction so that people only have to pay shipping once as well.

Take these tips to heart and enjoy those gifts that you already have or no longer need in other ways! Using the profit they bring.

Source by Joe Regan

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