Hypnosis to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking


Did you know that speaking in front of a large group is one of the most common fears in the world? For those who have never done it before, it may just be fear of the unknown, while others are bothered by something from their past. Some of the more common symptoms of public speaking fear include dry mouth, shaking, going blank, a cracking or unsteady voice, upset stomach, and sweating. Does this sound like you?

Whether you have to speak at a local community meeting, or you have to make an important business presentation, hypnosis for public speaking can help you overcome your fear so your speech is a success.

How Hypnosis Helps Eliminate your Public Speaking Fear

Hypnosis can actually eliminate the fear you feel when you have to get up in front of a crowd. It can also increase your confidence and motivation, build your self-esteem, and help you to be clear-headed and laser focused during your speech.

Hypnosis does this by working within your subconscious, where all your fears and worries stem from. By getting to the cause of your anxiety, you can eliminate it. A certified hypnotist will guide you into a natural state of hypnosis during which your mind is quiet and your subconscious is open. While you are in this state, your hypnotist will help you identify if anything from your past could be promoting your fear.

Your fears could be based on something from your past as simple as not being ready for an oral report in middle school, or even the way your parents might have argued over election debates on television. In fact, you might not even be consciously aware of the cause of your fear. Unfortunately, your subconscious uses all the thoughts, feelings and memories it has stored to guide how you think, feel, and behave today. Therefore, if you are afraid of public speaking, something in your past is probably to blame.

If this is the case, your hypnotist will help your subconscious release the thoughts and fears associated with the past event by teaching your subconscious that the past event has no place in your life today. They can reframe the event so that your subconscious perceives it differently and understands that it doesn’t have to replay the event or use the event to control how you approach public speaking now and in the future.

Your hypnotist can also use positive suggestions planted directly into the subconscious to increase your self-esteem, increase your focus, and boost your attitude so that you approach the speech feeling positive and happy. They can also increase your motivation and decrease anxiety.

Through visualization techniques, your hypnotist can help reprogram your mind so that it sees you and your public speaking abilities in a positive way, and perceives you as a person who is confident and secure. Once your fears have been released, you will be able to speak in front of any crowd with confidence in yourself and your abilities. It can, give you a balance of adrenalin and excitement, and make it so that you actually enjoy giving presentations or speeches.

Source by Eli Bliliuos

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