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“It is so important for people to speak out if they see any injustices,” Leigh-Anne Pinnock tells us, in the latest instalment of our Master the Art video franchise. “Whether they experience it themselves or they see it firsthand… Imagine if everyone spoke out about injustices. We would be in a better place, I think.”

Earlier this year, the Little Mix star produced and featured in a BBC documentary, Race, Pop and Power, based on her own experiences of racism and colourism within the music industry. It was a profoundly moving and educational experience for her, she says, explaining that it felt like “a weight had been lifted”.

“For years within the group I felt very overlooked and invisible, and I carried these feelings for such a long time,” she explains. “I just felt like no matter what I did, it was never on par with the other girls in the group. Then the Black Lives Matter movement happened, and all of a sudden the whole world was talking about race, and I felt like it was time for me to talk about my experiences. To be open, and just let it all go.”

Now, Pinnock is trying to encourage others to do the same. But, she emphasises, she understands how daunting this can be.

“It’s very natural to be scared to speak out, and it’s something that I went through,” she says. “I was scared that people weren’t going to understand. But then, when I did, I felt a weight just lift. Opening up about my own experiences helped me to deal with them better.”

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