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Scripting is a tool that I use, and tell my clients to use on a regular basis to manifest many things. It is often thought that a manifestation must come through an imaginal act or feeling something, but words themselves are extremely creative. The requirements for manifesting are to imagine the end or constructive scene which implies that the desire had already been fulfilled… Then, once we outline exactly what we want, we can then construct a scene on a piece of paper from past tense, to express what it would be like if we were really there while it was happening.

Sometimes I write journal entries from the future, expressing my gratitude to God for giving me this manifestation. Other times, I will full out plan a scene with all of the details from first person point of view as if I have received the thing that I want. Another way to do this is to simply title a piece of paper with the thing that you desire. Always make sure to write it down as if you already have received it. After that, I will list down the traits of the things that I want, as if it is already done.

The last thing that I do on a regular basis is write a list of desires that. I have without dating them, and those all will generally manifest as well. I write them in this manner, “I received a free cup of coffee.”, Or, “I receive a free cup of coffee”. Notice how I wrote them in the tense as if it is happening. now or as. if it already happened. This is crucial.

Use scripting to manifest whatever you want.

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