Mistakes Made by Teen Parents and How to Avoid Them


Teenagers are not small kids who you will keep on yelling at to make them do the right thing. As a parent, you have to realize the changes occurring to them, emotionally. Probably they have become moodier now than you used to know them. Teens like testing the limits of a parent. They will keep making deliberate mistakes to see how far you can go and how much patient you can be. What you have to always keep in mind is that they are still your children. Most parents make fatal mistakes while handling teenagers. They end up putting so much effort which at the end gives no better results. The following are some of the most common mistakes that teen parents make and how to avoid making such mistakes.

1. Being pessimistic.

Expecting the worst from your teen child is the worst mistake. Many parents believe that they can only watch and do nothing about the deteriorating behavior of their children. This makes the teens feel that the parent does not care about them. They get the perception that they are only good when they do well. The truth is that a parent’s negative expectation can promote the negative behavior of a teen.

To avoid falling into this pit whole, focus on the strengths, talents and abilities of your child. Think of how you can improve them and help them to be prominent in your child’s character.

2. Not trusting their instincts.

Most parents tend to read so much literature on how to handle teens, and forget to trust their instincts on how to best raise teens. Sometimes, they may put themselves into bigger problems trying to handle some parenting situations using the advice offered in books. Parenting books and literature are very helpful. They only become a problem when parents over rely on them, and forget to use their innate parenting skills.

You should only use books to get various perspectives on confusing behavior and situations. Then put the book down and address the issue, based on what you have learned and your knowledge about your kid.

3. Too much, or too little discipline.

Some parents think by being strict about the discipline of a teen will work best. Others feel that if they act strictly to their teens, they will be pushed away. The best is where you find a balance between obedience and freedom. Do not be too strict with the kids. And again, do not let them do everything they think of doing.

Source by Paul Anthony Beard

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