Peace For Healing Division | Ekam World Peace Festival | Day 02 – Sep 18, 2021, 6:00 PM IST

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Ekam World Peace Festival is a phenomenon. It is a massive movement in consciousness towards peace.
It is a global meditative festival where over 20 million peacemakers come together online for 3 days to shift human consciousness from conflict towards peace.
It begins on the 17th of September through the 19th of September.
The 2021 Ekam world peace festival is the fourth annual peace festival. Last year we had more than ten million participants from over 100 countries and hundreds of public institutions who connected to Ekam and participated in the festival.

Each day several hundreds of thousands of individuals, families, business organizations, institutions will join us in meditating for one specific cause that brings peace.

Peace is a state of being.
It’s a courageous sense of calm that prevails through any turmoil or storm. This state has the strength to repair any broken strands and embodies endurance.
This peace is possible for all. We need the wisdom to practice right thinking and wholistic perception and a state of being to perform inclusive action.

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