Public Speaking Tips – How to Be a Good Public Speaker


When someone asks you to deliver a speech, what’s your initial reaction? If you are like most other people, it’s sheer terror! But this is quite unfortunate. For public speaking does not necessarily involve talking to a large audience. There are millions of people all over the world who don’t aspire greatness in the podium. Instead, as office managers, or team leaders, they are required to talk to a small group of people. But even that small task can send shivers down the spine of most group leaders. But the good thing is that anyone, with a little bit of training and motivation, can become a good public speaker. Truly, if you want to succeed as an effective public speaker, you will have to learn and adopt certain public -speaking strategies. Here are a few public speaking tips to make you shine in the podium.

1) Pick the right subject.You must choose a topic you are familiar with and which you have strong feelings. It is really disastrous to talk on something which is not your domain and you are very likely to make an ass of yourself if you do that. However, if you tread on known grounds, you will feel comfortable and confident to talk about your subject.

2) Organize your points thoughtfully and logically. Your talk must have a beginning–a brief introduction on what you are going to say; a middle where you elaborate on your topic; and an ending that summarizes on what you have just said.

3) Rehearse your speech in private. After you have planned your presentation, it is time to practise delivering it. Better if you do it alone. Remember, you are not initiating a discussion here. You will have to talk alone and logically present what you would like to say. Hence, you would do well to practise in front of the mirror like a seasoned actor. Be positive and try to “see” and “hear” the positive feedback you are going to get when you have them under your sway.

4) Don’t resort to elaborate notes. No pre-written speech can sound spontaneous. You are doomed if you do that. At best, you can make short notes, consisting of only a few words,which will guide you towards your destination.

5) Be friendly with your audience. Don’t be formal and stuffy. Begin your talk maintaining a simple conversational style. make use of humor as much as you can, but only at the right places. And please avoid stale and outworn jokes, which will merely increase boredom.

6) Bring your speech to a climactic end. Your ending words must be carefully crafted so that they continue to ring in the ears of your listeners even after you have ended.Urge them, exhort them to a course of action, and leave them wanting more.In other words, end with a bang.

The age-old proverb “Practice makes perfect” is applicable to public speaking as well. Indeed, the more you practise, the better you become. Hence, whenever, you get an opportunity to speak, don’t shy away. You will gradually develop your self-confidence and oratorial skills if you put your mind on the spot.Surely, if you follow my public speaking tips sincerely, you will definitely become a good public speaker.

Source by Kajol Shafiq

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