Scripting Manifestation Technique | 6 FUN Types To Try Out Today! Law Of Attraction

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Scripting Manifestation Technique to manifest dreams into reality.
Here are 6 unique types of scripting exercises, that you can start using in your life today!

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1. Writing a movie script- like a story of your life – telling the story of struggle to freedom
2. Writing a thank you letter to the universe
3. Writing a pretend letter to a friend
4. Writing a pretend letter to your past self
5. Writing your affirmations
6. Writing a metaphorical story (video reference)

Hi my name is Kartika, I am a self help teacher, specializing in helping people with manifestation, using the law of attraction to bring abundance into their lives. I also teach people self improvement, how to be happy, how to be positive and how to raise your vibration through spirituality, mindfulness and reprogramming the subconscious mind. I teach law of attraction techniques, law of attraction secrets through life coaching on YouTube.

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