Troubling Details About Mick Jagger

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Mick Jagger first burst onto the scene with the Rolling Stones in 1962, and while the music industry has changed countless times since then, the Rolling Stones have stuck around. The raucous band has never broken up, and to this day, they continue to tour, and Jagger continues to strut around the stage.

However, despite his energetic onstage persona, Jagger’s life has been quite a sad one. Some of his troubles are self-inflicted, as he’s always been something of a controversial figure, but he has also had multiple health issues and even had a bounty on his head at one point. Here are some troubling details about Mick Jagger.

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Let’s spend the night together | 0:00
Infamous interview | 1:32
The death of the sixties | 2:30
The Hells Angels go overboard | 3:38
Life with Marianne Faithfull | 4:38
Mick vs. Keith | 5:41
Rough justice | 7:02
The royal treatment | 8:07
Prodigal Son | 9:33
Restart me up | 10:27
The death of L’wren Scott | 11:26

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