Who are Phoebe Bridgers’ parents?

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ANGELENO Phoebe Bridgers has been a staple in the folk-rock genre since making her solo debut in 2017.  Bridgers and her brother Jackson were raised by their mother, Jamie Bridgers. Who is Phoebe Bridgers?  Born August 17, 1994, Phoebe Bridgers is an American folk-rock singer, songwriter and guitarist from Los Angeles.  She is known for being apart of the musical groups Boygenius, alongside Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus and Better Oblivious Community Center with Conor Oberst.  Bridgers, 26, made her solo debut with her album, “Stranger in the Alps”, in 2017, followed by her sophomore album Punisher, which released in 2020.  Punisher, earned Bridgers widespread acclaim and nominated her to four Grammy Awards, including Best New Artist. Who are Phoebe Bridgers’ parents?  Bridgers was raised by her mother, Jamie Bridgers, who held a series of jobs as a receptionist and executive assistant while raising Bridgers and her brother Jackson.  “If we’d lived anywhere else, we’d have been very solidly middle class,” Bridgers told the New Yorker in 2015.  “But in Pasadena all my friends’ parents were directors or actors.”  The 26-year-old star started playing guitar around age of 13, “I f**king hated being forced to do something. Reading music felt like math homework, guitar was my rebellion,” she said.  Her mother Jamie encouraged her musical aspirations.  “She introduced me to the whole folk world and singer-songwriter world, and she’s like 100% responsible for my music tastes,” Bridgers told Variety.  “She would drive me to clubs and shows all my life, and to guitar lessons.”  Jamie is full of pride over her daughters musical career.  “I was the best of moms, I was the worst of moms. You do your best. But then for your kids to be relatively well adjusted and God willing maybe even successful and get to do what they want feels so amazing,” she told Variety.  “Just for them to be happy is huge, but for them to be able to pay their own bills and things like that feels unreal, especially these days – and in music, for Christ’s sake, you know?” What is Phoebe Bridgers net worth?  The singer is reportedly worth an estimated $5million.

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