Wildest Dreams | Taylor Swift Drops New Version Of ‘Wildest Dreams’ — Why It Matters

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Taylor Swift released a new version of her hit song “Wildest Dreams” on Friday after fans got the song trending on TikTok using the app’s “slow zoom” feature, allowing the singer to make more money off its resurgent popularity.

Swift is re-recording some of her albums that were released by Big Hit Machine after the original recordings were obtained by producer Scooter Braun in his acquisition of the record company in 2019. Swift said she had been trying to buy back the masters of her songs for years from the record company but that they would only offer to have her re-sign and “buy back” one of her older albums for each new album she would create for them. Swift said once Braun took control of her master recordings, he had blocked her from using them during performances and in projects like her 2020 Miss Americana Netflix documentary. Braun has since sold the masters of Swift’s first six albums for $300 million to private equity firm Shamrock Capitol.